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From "Edward Ned Harvey (svn4)" <>
Subject ignore property not ignoring...
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 22:17:01 GMT
Can someone please explain this to me?  I would expect "bin" and "obj" not to show up in the
"svn status" command, because of the svn:global-ignores property.

I am aware that there exists such a thing as svn:ignore, and I notice that svn:global-ignores
is not the same thing...  But (a) the distinction is not entirely clear to me, (b) the obvious
distinction is global versus not global, in which case, I would expect the global property
to still behave as expected in this case, and (c) the svn:global-ignores property was set
using TortoiseSVN, and it works as expected in windows.  The confusion comes about when using
the "svn" command line on mac.  The behavior of "svn status" on mac command line is different
from the behavior of TortoiseSVN Check For Modifications on windows.  Mac still shows those
directories, while Tortoise doesn't.

The mac client is 1.7, and the windows client is 1.8 if that makes any difference.  These
are separate working copies.  I would not expect the two clients to be compatible with each
other on a shared WC.

svn proplist -v src/FooBar
Properties on 'src/FooBar:

svn status src/FooBar
?       src/FooBar/bin
?       src/FooBar/obj

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