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From Bert Huijben <>
Subject Re: Bug report: svn assert failure: svn: subversion/libsvn_client/merge.c:3128: merge_dir_deleted: Assertion `delb != ((void *)0)' failed.
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2014 06:38:34 GMT
Did you read the documentation about adding issues?

Adding an issue isn't part of the process of getting an issue resolved.

So, do you want to be able to find it in a few years?

Or do you want to see it fixed?

If you only want to see it remembered, you can add an issue. But if you want to have it resolved
you should discuss the issue here. That will cause somebody to actually look at it, while
adding an issue doesn’t.

(I can't look at it now as I can't open your .sh attachment now; and you don't tell anything
about the actual problem in your mail)

Just adding an issue will just slow the process of resolving your issue. That is why we have
the rule of discussing it on the list…


From: Danilo Piazzalunga
Sent: ‎Friday‎, ‎March‎ ‎14‎, ‎2014 ‎10‎:‎53‎ ‎PM

Hi all,
I am asking for confirmation before reporting a bug

Using Subversion 1.8.8 installed from Ubuntu 14.04 packages, svn
crashed while performing a merge operation involving a replaced

I already reportted this bug to Ubuntu Launchpad as

I was able to reproduce the bug with Subversion 1.9.0-dev trunk
(r1577730) with a self-contained test case (see attachment).

Can I report this to the Issue Tracker?

Danilo Piazzalunga
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