Hi Brane and Olli,
On 02.03.2014 11:40, Stefan wrote:

I came up with an even easier repro case. It seems to suffice to trigger the problem by simply committing the problematic file to an empty local repository and having avast installed.
To whom should I send the repro-case (it requires the zipped-exe-file).

The problem is obviously caused by the virus scanner. If it's renaming files from under Subversion's nose, there's really nothing we can do about it.
Well, if you are sure that the virusscanner is actually causing the rename, of course there's little SVN could do about. But then I'd find that really odd for a virus scanner and wouldn't suspect that it is doing that.
Is there some code path I'd trace down to confirm it's actually the virusscanner causing the rename? Where in the code path would the tmp-file be generated?