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From Bob Archer <>
Subject Working copy blocking
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 17:13:58 GMT
We are all running the latest TortoiseSVN which is build with svn 1.8.8.

Attempting to add files, I got this message (retrying it, the add worked)

Command: Add
Error: sqlite[S5]: database is locked
Error: Additional errors:
Error: sqlite[S5]: database is locked
Error: Another process is blocking the working copy database, or the underlying filesystem
does not support file locking; if the working copy is on a network filesystem, make sure file
locking has been enabled on the file server.

This is on a Windows 7 system. The working copy is on the local drive. I'm thinking it is
because perhaps we use both Tortoise and Ankhsvn?

What can I look at?

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