There were two issues that I ran into.  One was as you listed, the --force command, which caused the access violation.  The other was -x -w, which caused new files to not be merged to the target branch (although -x -b seems to work fine).


Thanks for your response.




From: Bert Huijben []
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 4:21 PM
To: Steimle, Scott;
Subject: RE: Access violation


I can’t be sure that this is the cause but please try running merge without --force.


There is a fix for incoming directory deletions during merge scheduled for the next 1.8 release.


With 1.8 using --force shouldn’t be necessary anyway as the old tree conflict detection problems were resolved by 1.8.0. (--force made older versions strict ignore what was deleted when applying deletes)




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Subject: Access violation


Trying to dry-run test merging a branch URL to a working copy of another branch.


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