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From Ivan Drobyshevskyi <>
Subject svn status/diff false positive
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2014 08:05:57 GMT
There's a strange behaviour that is reproduced for some files in our
subversion repository: `touch`ing this file(s) makes `svn diff` show
entire file as changed. Similar happens when opening-saving file in
any text editor or copying it back and forth.

$ svn status cmVectorStream.h
$ touch cmVectorStream.h
$ svn status cmVectorStream.h
M       cmVectorStream.h

$ svn status cmVectorStream.h
$ cp cmVectorStream.h cmVectorStream.h.bak
$ cp cmVectorStream.h.bak cmVectorStream.h
$ svn status cmVectorStream.h
M       cmVectorStream.h
$ diff cmVectorStream.h.bak cmVectorStream.h

For the vast majority of files in a repo the above doesn't happen, so
far I've only encountered two such files. Since svn shows entire file
as changed it might be related to line endings however I don't see how
touch'ing file could possibly trigger such behaviour.

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.1, both stock subersion (1.8.8) and the one
compiled from source (1.8.9 with only --with-serf option set) expose
similar behaviour. The repository itself is hosted on Windows machine.

Should I fill in a bug report on this?

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