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From Benjamin Fritz <>
Subject Directory with tree conflict lies about merge result
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2014 17:04:19 GMT
I accidentally created a "host" directory both on a feature branch,
and on trunk. On trunk, this directory contains a "lib" subdirectory
containing a project to build a Windows version of the library I'm
developing. On the feature branch, this directory instead contains a
"test" directory containing a unit test of the feature.

I'm trying to merge TO my feature branch, the trunk revision that
added the Windows project of the library, so that the final result is
my feature branch has a "host" directory with two subdirectories:
"test" and "lib".

The result of a merge command *looks* like this is happening:

C:\Project_Files\FEATURE_WC>svn merge -c 6891
--- Merging r6891 into '.':
 U   externals
A    lib\win32
A    lib\win32\lib.lib
A    lib\win32\lib.d.lib
   C host
   A host\lib\lib.sln
   A host\lib\proj\lib.vcxproj
   A host\lib\proj\lib.vcxproj.filters
   A host\lib\proj\lib.vcxproj.user
   A host\lib\proj
   A host\lib
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r6891 into '.':
 U   .
Conflict discovered when trying to add 'host'.
An object of the same name already exists.
Select: (mf) my version, (tf) their version, (p) postpone,
        (q) quit resolution, (h) help:

No matter what answer I give to the question ("mf", "tf", "p", or "q")
when I check the "host" directory, no "lib" directory was created and
neither it nor any of the added files under "lib" actually got added
to my working copy.

Why does SVN report adding those files as part of the merge, if the
files were not actually added?

How can I get SVN to actually add these files? Do I need to manually
"svn copy" into my working

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