Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your attention on this. I wrote to websvn mailing list also but has no response yet. I have been reading through other related websvn issues also online. Let me check again and do other workaround if necessary.


On 12 Aug 2014 23:02, "Ryan Schmidt" <subversion-2014@ryandesign.com> wrote:
On Aug 12, 2014, at 9:23 AM, Jimmy Halim wrote:

> Those commands work fine from the server. For example:
> <list
>    path="file:///var/rancid/svn">
> <entry
>    kind="dir">
> <name>EXAMPLE</name>
> <commit
>    revision="6">
> <author>rancid</author>
> <date>2014-08-12T08:37:34.323817Z</date>
> </commit>
> </entry>
> </list>
> </lists>

I meant: are there any parts of websvn, that use the svn command, that work? I was trying to figure out, in the absence of any message telling us *what* error occurred, whether the problem might be that websvn simply doesn't know how to find the svn executable.

> I have the following setting on config.php to point websvn to the repo:
> $config->addRepository('EXAMPLE', 'file:///var/rancid/svn');
> Before I added that configuration in, I am able to load the http://myserver/websvn page. Is there any guideline on how to properly link websvn with the svn repo? I am using http://blog.fakrul.com/post/67554663532/rancid-websvn-centos-howto guideline. All works fine except the last part which is pointing the svn repo in websvn.

Sorry, it has been years since I last tried to use or configure websvn. This mailing list is mainly about Subversion itself, not the various add-ons that people have written that use it. You may have to write to the authors of websvn for assistance or see if they have their own mailing list, forum, or issue tracker.