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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: svnserve errors in the system logs
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2014 10:37:30 GMT
Trent Fisher <> writes:

> I just discovered tons of spam in /var/log/messages on one of my
> servers (Linux RHEL 5.8 with Subversion 1.8.9) :
> Sep 17 06:30:41 adc4110305 svnserve: sql_select option missing
> Sep 17 06:30:41 adc4110305 svnserve: auxpropfunc error no mechanism available
> Sep 17 06:30:41 adc4110305 svnserve: auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied
> This error pops up everytime someone accesses a repository via
> svn+ssh.  It doesn't seem to hinder functionality.  I can reproduce
> this simply by running "ssh adc4110305 svnserve -t" (the error pops up
> before I can type anything).
> From what I have gathered from my internet searches, it sounds like
> Cyrus SASL is getting involved.  Though I don't understand why, as I
> thought the tunnel mode was supposed to use the pre-authenticated
> username.  I tried messing with /etc/sasl2/svn.conf but only managed
> to make it worse.  One person suggested (on this very mailing list 5
> years ago) removing the relevant cyrus-sasl packages, but that doesn't
> seem like a good idea.  What's the correct way of fixing this?
> I should note that I built Subversion myself, so if I need to rebuild
> with some different config options to disable this behavior, I can do
> so.

That error comes from the SASL library when it loads the SQL plugin and
then finds that SASL has not been configured to use SQL.  At present
svnserve calls sasl_server_init() at startup and I suppose we could
delay the call until we know that SASL is required, but the problem
would still occur when a repository used SASL.  There may be a way to
tell SASL not to load the SQL plugin but I have not been able to find
it.  I avoid installing the libsasl2-modules-sql package on my system.

You can build Subversion using --without-sasl.

Philip Martin | Subversion Committer
WANdisco // *Non-Stop Data*

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