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Subject Re: subversion won’t add new files
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2014 16:23:42 GMT

On Sep 24, 2014, at 9:14 AM, John Maher <> wrote:

> Yes, you must "svn add" any files you want Subversion to add to the repository. It's
not meant to be confusing... I found the book exceptionally clear and helpful in explaining
how Subversion works and is meant to be used.
> Thanks for your reply.  Not sure why you wish to post opinions or think it's clear when
the book says "Send changes from your working copy to the repository" when I make a change
in my working copy and it is ignored.  Don't take it personal if a user does not understand
something.  And just because you understand something does not make it clear.  It just makes
it clear to you.
> But none the less, thank you for explaining the weird behavior, it was very helpful.
> JM

The "svn add" only needs to be performed once so that SVN knows to begin tracking the file.
Afterwards, any subsequent changes to the file will be commited. Adding a file to the repository
is a change to the repository and must be indicated with the "svn add". This change to the
repository (the addititon) is then commited upon "svn commit".

Likewise, when you choose to remove a file from the repository, you must use "svn rm". The
deletion is then commited with "svn commit". Simply removing a file from your working copy
is not sufficient.

Please review the "Basic Work Cycle" section of the SVN book for more information.

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