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From Andreas Stieger <>
Subject Re: how to replicate svn-lock on mirrored repository
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2014 09:55:44 GMT

> On 21 Nov 2014, at 06:46, Senthilvelu <> wrote:
> I  have a mirrored repository which is generated from a source repository.
> it is getting update regularly. when a user checks out with lock on source repo, i want
this to be update on the mirror repo, which is not happening using svnsync.
> is there anyway i can update the lock as well on the mirror repo

Afaik svnsync does not support replicating locks. Locks exists in the master repository and
are enforced there for write serialisation.
This means that users talking to a mirror repository will not be able to discover locks by
read-only operations such as "svn status -u" or "svn info", as these do not contact the master.
However if you attempt to acquire a lock using "svn lock", or commit a change to a locked
resource, the request will be proxied through to the master (SVNMasterURI) and you will get
messages regarding existing logs.
Locking hooks exists that could allow replication of these unversioned lock tokens. They can
be easily enumerated by I see a whole bunch of problems with that when releasing them upon
commit or interfering with sync.

To sum it up: Locking works in write-through proxy svnsync environments, only you have to
attempt to get a lock to discover one is there.

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