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From Barry Scott <>
Subject pysvn does not build against 1.9-alpha2 because of incomplete type 'const svn_sort__item_t'
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2014 18:49:41 GMT
I have been building pysvn against the latest svn kits. 1.7.18, 1.8.10 and 1.9.0-alpha2
using the Mac OS X Xcode 6.1 command line tools, clang is the compiler not gcc.

Compiling and testing pysvn against 1.7.18 and 1.8.10 works with no errors.

But I get compile errors when compiling pysvn against 1.9.0-alpha2:

pysvn_client_cmd_info.cpp:1383:39: error: use of undeclared identifier 'svn_sort__hash'
    apr_array_header_t *statusarray = svn_sort__hash( status_hash, svn_sort_compare_items_as_paths,
pool );
pysvn_client_cmd_info.cpp:1388:41: error: subscript of pointer to incomplete type 'const svn_sort__item_t'
        const svn_sort__item_t *item = &APR_ARRAY_IDX( statusarray, i, const svn_sort__item_t
/usr/include/apr-1/apr_tables.h:141:57: note: expanded from macro 'APR_ARRAY_IDX'
#define APR_ARRAY_IDX(ary,i,type) (((type *)(ary)->elts)[i])
svn_sort.h has been included.


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