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From Gaurav Singla <>
Subject Regarding file locking
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 12:50:09 GMT

I am using TortoiseSVN-1.8.8 as SVN client and VisualSVN-Server-2.7.9 as

I need you help in suggesting a process to get an alert or intimation
whenever any user lock any project file and if another user start working
on the same file he should get an alert/message that this file is already
opened and work is in progress. The aim is to stop the work loss by giving
a warning to the user.

If the user can get any sort of message or alert that partricular file is
already locked, or someone is working on the file, it will help to avoid
the working on same file simultaneously. Please suggest how we can achieve

I understand one of the features is user can lock the file and when any
other user try to commit the same file, sever throw an error message. But
this happens when second user has already make the changes. My aim is to
notify the user at the start not at the time of commit. How we can achieve
this using SVN? Please suggest.

I will appreciate your help on this.


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