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From Griffin Myers <>
Subject Why does svn patch fail for externals on add/delete?
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2014 13:56:49 GMT
Please Cc responses as I am not subscribed to the list.

I'm primarily a Tortoise user under Windows, but have recently needed to start using the command
line client more frequently.  Our development environment heavily leverages externals and
developers often distribute patches as a means for code review.  With the command line client
I've discovered that "svn patch" fails with an E155005: No write-lock error when applying
a patch which adds or deletes files which span externals.  I've observed this with both 1.7.7
and 1.8.10.  I've had no problems when applying such patches with the Tortoise patch mechanism.
 A trivial example for clarity:

Assume the following wc structure:


[gmyers@pc test1]$ svn -v status
                 2        2 gmyers       .
                 2        2 gmyers       externals
X                                        externals/test2
                 2        1 gmyers       fileA.txt

Performing status on external item at 'externals/test2':
                 1        1 gmyers       /home/gmyers/svnadmin_test/demo/test1/externals/test2
                 1        1 gmyers       /home/gmyers/svnadmin_test/demo/test1/externals/test2/fileB.txt

Now assume I have three patch files which perform the following operations: 1) Add a file
file2.dat to externals/test2/,  2)Delete externals/test2/fileB.txt,  3) Modify externals/test2/fileB.txt.
 The patches were all generated by performing the desired task and dumping the result from
svn diff.

[gmyers@pc test1]$ cat add.patch
Index: externals/test2/file2.dat
--- externals/test2/file2.dat   (revision 0)
+++ externals/test2/file2.dat   (working copy)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+This is file2.

[gmyers@pc test1]$ cat delete.patch
Index: externals/test2/fileB.txt
--- externals/test2/fileB.txt   (revision 1)
+++ externals/test2/fileB.txt   (working copy)
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
-This is fileB.txt

[gmyers@pc test1]$ cat modify.patch
Index: externals/test2/fileB.txt
--- externals/test2/fileB.txt   (revision 1)
+++ externals/test2/fileB.txt   (working copy)
@@ -1 +1,3 @@
This is fileB.txt
+Add some text.

Now I'll attempt to apply the patches.  The "add" patch returns E155005 and although it creates
the new file2.dat file it fails to add it to svn:

[gmyers@pc test1]$ svn patch add.patch
svn: E155005: No write-lock in '/home/gmyers/svnadmin_test/demo/test1/externals/test2'

The "delete" patch returns E155005 and does nothing:

[gmyers@pc test1]$ svn patch delete.patch
svn: E155005: No write-lock in '/home/gmyers/svnadmin_test/demo/test1/externals/test2'

The "modify" patch succeeds as expected:

[gmyers@pc test1]$ svn patch modify.patch
U         externals/test2/fileB.txt

I'm wondering if this is a bug or the intended behavior?  If it is intended then what is the
reasoning behind the apparent need for a lock only for adds/deletes to externals but not for
modify operations?  Is there any sort of recommended workaround for this issue?

Griffin Myers

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