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From "Stohr, Alexander" <>
Subject AW: Making an (external) working copy readonly
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2015 13:05:26 GMT
> > Is there a way to make such svn:externals read-only?
> The easiest is to tie it to a specific tag. That requires write access for *someone*
who runs the third party repo to set up tags.

Make a "lock" of the files on the server mandatory for check in.
By this people will need to grab the lock first before they can check in.

Local editing will still be possible by just changing the local files attributes, e.g. on
the shell.

The only down side is that people that really want to update those shared externals have to
claim the lock.
BTW some repository setups (even beyond SVN) want the server file lock to be mandatory by
Basically it is a nice feature for serializing edits for e.g. binary files & typical office
files (in contrast to plain text source files).

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