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From Lorenz <>
Subject Re: Correct way to undo commit of a tag?
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2015 15:05:40 GMT
David Aldrich wrote:

>My most recent commit was the creation of a tag.  I want to delete 
>that tag.  Should I reverse merge the commit or simply delete the tag?

If want to completely remove the tag, not only parts of it, a "svn rm"
is the best match.
It's also less effort because to can delete the tag directly in the
repository without the need for a working copy, because ...

>If I do a reverse merge I see a tree conflict:
>C:\>svn merge -c -69 <my url>
>--- Reverse-merging r69 into '.':
>   C tags\TAG_<snip>
>--- Recording mergeinfo for reverse merge of r69 into '.':
>U   .
>Tree conflict on 'tags\TAG_<snip>
>   > local dir edit, incoming dir delete upon merge
>Select: (r) mark resolved, (p) postpone, (q) quit resolution, (h) help:

... for a reverse merge of the tag creation you would need to do the
merge on a working copy of the parent folder of the tag.


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