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From Andreas Stieger <>
Subject Re: How to reset svn password by svn user ?
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2015 07:25:21 GMT

Am 05.03.2015 03:48 schrieb Mohsin <>:
> >Well, as an example, if your Subversion server is setup to authenticate via 
> Active Directory the user would >change their windows password.  If it is 
> setup to authenticate against a text file with names and passwords, >then 
> someone has to edit the text file. 
> > 
> >It depends on the authentication method you are using. 
> We have configured svn with Apache web server (mod_dav,mod_dav_svn) and 
> using DAV method for repository access. 

Refer to the documentation for httpd auth module you are using. You change the password the
same way as you created it. This is usually named htpasswd, htpasswd2 or similar.

How to make this user self-servicable is out of scope for Subversion as it uses common and
adaptable auth methods, including directory services.

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