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From lejeczek <>
Subject Re: variables in AuthzSVNAccessFile - a shortcut?
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2015 11:39:48 GMT
automatic creation of the folders/repos would be nice - I 
can imagine web based shared and/or free SVN solution must 
be having something like it already.
I assumed that for smaller setups, a scenario where users 
have their own repo with full rights next to a shared 
repo(s) with different permission, will be very common.
Then simply permission file instead of:

me = rw
you = rw

would be like I thought it could be, just permission, I'll 
try to tamper with hooks,

On 26/02/15 20:42, Eric Johnson wrote:
> So far as I know, there are no variables in the file. If 
> you've got any needs that lead to wanting "variables" 
> (other than the already supported groups), then perhaps 
> you want to generate the file? That's an approach we take 
> at my company.
> If you take the approach of generating the file, then I 
> don't think there are any per-request variables that matter.
> As for your specific idea, it looks like you want to have 
> "per-user" folders in repositories. Since those folders 
> aren't created by magic, perhaps you want to reserve their 
> creation to someone like an administrator, and catch their 
> creation in a post-commit script, and regenerate your 
> access file?
> Eric.
> On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 8:47 AM, lejeczek 
> < <>> wrote:
>     hi everybody
>     as a novice I understand I'm looking for shortcuts,
>     probably being not the first one I'd have this question:
>     does Subversion implement any variables in it's
>     configuration?
>     first case to exercise this scenario would be
>     AuthzSVNAccessFile
>     could one have
>     [REPO_NAME:/_$user]
>     _$user = rw
>     naturally I'm thinking here of login/logged in user,
>     via http
>     many thanks.

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