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From Buddy Butterfly <>
Subject Reoganizing svn structure and error "shares no common ancestry"
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2015 10:18:00 GMT


finally we would like to restructure our badly structured svn repo.
Over time a lot of stuff flew into this repo. I have used kdesvn for
moving the trees online in the repo. kdesvn does a copy and delete
when moving. I have also tried to use a svn move. Steps were as follows:

1. Created a new repo path to the project.
2. Created branches, tags and trunk below ist.
3. Moved (like described above) original project below the new trunk.
4. Similar like 3. for branches with creating the branches/<branch> and
   moving the old branches to the new ones.
5. Checked out the new trunk.
6. Tried to switch to one of the new branches.

Step 6. always give the error switching not possible "shares no common

The moving like described above is very convenient and would allow the reorg
in an acceptable time frame. How is it possible to do this and create or
manipulate the history such that a common ancester will be created?

Do you propose another workflow to acomplish this in an easy way?

Thanks a lot and cheers,

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