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From Scott Aron Bloom <>
Subject Issue in svn E195020
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2015 15:58:49 GMT
Running svn from tortoise (1.8.11 r1643975) but we have the same issue with the same version
from VisualSVN, as well as the collabnet on linux

Unfortunately, this is going to be a problem to duplicate this since its only on our full
source repository.

We work with a bunch of branches, but sometime in the last month or two, merging has become
virtually useless for those working on a branch.

Our typical flow, which has been working with zero issues for the last 5 years, is

Developer creates a "dev" branch
svn cp ^/trunk ^/branch/dev/mybranch
svn co ^/branch/dev/mybranch

Developer, will work on their branch on their local work area, and merge semi-regularly from
trunk onto their branch
svn merge ^/trunk .

Its has been common, that after the merge, if another merge is attempted we get the E195020
error, (cannot merge into mixed-revision), a simple
svn up
Fixes the issue, however lately, the svn up fails, and the E195020 continues.

I can work with anyone necessary to fix this.. but right now, its making merging a nightmare./


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