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From Timour Khanipov <>
Subject Status of files with whitespace and EOL changes only
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 12:40:14 GMT
When I tried to set svn:eol-style property for a bunch of unmodified
files I faced the following problem: some files got status 'M' and
other files got status 'MM' meaning both property and content change.
Initially I considered it to be a bug and posted at
During the discussion I got convinced that Subversion behavior was
absolutely correct.

It would be nice however for the 'svn status' command to have a flag
which would not show or mark in a special way the files which have only
whitespace and/or end of line style changes. This flag exists for the
'svn diff' command ('-x --ignore-space-change --ignore-eol-style ' etc).
What do you think of adding similar flags for the 'svn status' command?

Please include my email address to the CC'd list.


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