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From Lathan Bidwell <>
Subject Merge trunk and prod directories without workspace
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2015 13:19:40 GMT

I have a content management system running on top of SVN. My web servers
run a post commit hook that does svn update off of svnlook after every

I currently have a "Publish" operation which I implement by doing svn
delete $prod_url && svn cp $trunk_url $prod_url. (both repo urls)

This causes problems because the post commit hook triggers a delete of the
folder on my production web server, and then sometimes takes longer to
re-download all the content (some folders have some decent media, about
15-30 gig).

General Question: How can I do this operation without checking out the
folder to a workspace, and do it in 1 revision?

Are there reasons why there isn't a repo to repo merge action? or could
that be looked into in future versions?

Thanks for your help,

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