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From "Andreas Stieger" <>
Subject Aw: start-commit log message.
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:28:07 GMT

> validate the log message [...] start-commit [...] 
> [...]
> if the client is using an older version (like 1.7) the commit message obtained 
> using svnlook is always empty durng the start-commit. In this case the commit
> message is available only during pre-commit.
Yes, and this is expected, documented [1] and will not change. Quoting:
Note: Subversion does not require that commit transaction properties (such as the revision
log message) be attached to the transaction as part of its initialization. As such, some clients
will still not provide that information to the server until after the start-commit hook has
been invoked. Here is a list of such clients we are aware of:

    Pre-1.8 clients communicating via HTTP
    Clients communicating via HTTP when mod_dav_svn's "SVNAdvertiseV2Protocol" option has
been set to "off"

Administrators should consider modularizing the tests that their hooks perform on transaction
properties, invoke those tests from both the start-commit and pre-commit hook scripts."

You will need to run the same hook again as pre-commit.



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