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From OlePinto <>
Subject Re: The XML response contains invalid XML
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2015 08:34:28 GMT
Hello, I am having the same problem (more or less). We have thoroughly
investigated it in-house, but have no more clues about what to look for.
I'll begin saying the server is running under Glassfish + SCM, in case it
switches a light before going on reading.
We can reproduce the problem doing a merge from trunk into a branch. Most of
the files are about 100Kb or smaller; there is a big binary (about 37 Mb)
which can not be merged.
The merge starts, the filenames go up the screen. It pauses while processing
the big-file and after a while it gives the error "E130003 the xml response
contains invalid xml". About 10s later, the svn command ends.
It happened with 1.8.10 and still happens with 1.8.13, both under WinXp (so
32 bits).
It doesn't happen to my colleagues, all with Win7. We have reproduced it in
a virtual machine running WinXp, but it happens randomly there (in my
machine it happens every time). (hint: a client problem?)
We have made a copy of the production repo (PROD) into a VM (COPY).
Let's say the structure of the repo goes like
'/produccion/juegos/Mex/trunk'. In order to discard WC problems, we checkout
a fresh one.
I run the following:
 and then

Then, after cd'ing into COPY/branches/arcoiris and PROD/branches/arcoiris,
we do

Under COPY it works flawlessly, but it fails under PROD. (hint: a server
The whole merge takes 22s under COPY, and 1,5m under PROD.
We have captured the comms, I think they look good. The client is the one
closing the connection, so we don't think the server is the one deciding to
finish the transaction.
We have enabled debug logging in glassfish and svn, we can't find any
difference between successful and failed transactions.
I randomly get also "E125012: Invalid character in hex checksum"; maybe it
has any relation to the former, maybe not.
Any idea? Any other test or information that could be useful?

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