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Subject Re: SVN 1.8.10 server side configured autoprops
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2015 15:32:42 GMT
Hello Andreas+

So i have tried to read the RDC docs, but it doesnt make any sense -  
it tells alot about how the configuration should look, but not how to  
implement the feature...

I realize that the clientside can still be modified accordingly, and I  
want to push/enforce the keyword configuration from serverside.

The documentatio doesnt make any sense to me... Did you have success  
implementing RDC?


Quoting Andreas Stieger <>:

> Hello,
>> i want to define autoprops (serverside dicated) for some repos in my
>> large SVN installation. However it have been missed out in the
>> documentation how this is achieved. The docs rely on a "config file",
>> but not a name to it, so i tried and make a
>> $REPOS_NAME/conf/[repons.conf|config] - doesnt work. I add this to my
> Huh? While the run-time client configuration uses a config file  
> section like below,
> [miscellany]
> enable-auto-props = yes
> this was for the *previous* client-side autoprops feautre. You want  
> this inside the repository tree, as versioned properties. See
> So you would start with setting or editing the svn:auto-props  
> property on a suitable repository path.
> Andreas

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