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From Dan Ellis <>
Subject Re: Svn rename doesn't copy custom properties
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 21:52:23 GMT
On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 2:30 PM, Andrew Reedick <> wrote:

> > From: Dan Ellis []
> >
> > **Brane asked: There's no REN.txt in your example.
> > **Anyway, please tell us which version of the client you're using (svn
>  --version) and where it came from.
> >
> > I meant to exclude that as its not relevant, was trying to point out the
> empty response.
> > Sorry everyone, I'm not on the mailing list proper, I'd appreciate being
> cc:d.
> > This is the client version, being whatever was packaged with the version
> of TSVN.
> >
> > svn, version 1.8.9 (r1591380)
> >   compiled May  6 2014, 20:28:35 on x86-microsoft-windows
> Maybe there's a problem with inherited properties that ignore certain
> files or Something(tm)?
> Can you create a new (empty) repo and re-run the test in it?
I've tried, though only using the file:/// repo.  I've been poking around
the svn source code, but I'm sure its much more subtle then some random
conditional statement.  I had thought perhaps the '@' was getting expanded
or whatnot, but that does not seem to be an issue either.  Not all files
share this behavior, despite having similar properties.  It persists across
working copy checkouts, so it doesn't appear to be a bad checkout.  I would
have to guess that somehow the format of the properties is affecting how
SVN copies them across.

Here's a snippet of the running scenario that can NOT reproduce the issue
in a new repo:

rem cleanup after our last test run
rmdir /q /s c:\\project_files\\rename_repo
rmdir /q /s c:\\project_files\\rename_wc

cd c:\\project_files
svnadmin create c:\\project_files\\rename_repo
svn checkout file:///c:/project_files/rename_repo
cd c:\\project_files\\rename_wc
rem should have a clean repo and checkout

svn ps tsvn:logtemplate "Issue number: " c:\\project_files\\rename_wc
svn commit c:\\project_files\rename_wc -m "Adding log template"

echo "The quick brown fox jumped over the brown fence." > AAAA.txt
svn add AAAA.txt
svn ps pebls:plcm "Test@1234" AAAA.txt
svn ps pebls:sha1 "ba8cc41efc875a6dc8212ef76c579c1336597fe5" AAAA.txt
svn ps svn:mergeinfo "/plcm/swdb:1" AAAA.txt
svn ps svn:needs-lock "x" AAAA.txt
svn commit AAAA.txt -m "Test commit"

svn pl -v AAAA.txt
svn rename AAAA.txt BBBB.txt
svn pl -v BBBB.txt

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