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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject E160000 due to empty revisions when requesting log by date range (v. 1.8.11)
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 21:56:22 GMT
I've got a repository that has quite a number of revisions that are
"empty". Although I don't know the exact history, I'm guessing this is
because we dumped the repository, and ran it through svndumpfilter, but
without the --drop-all-empty-revs option, and without the --renumber-revs
option. (Since we have bug reports that almost certainly refer to the
commit #, this seems like desired situation.)

However, now, when one of my users tries to do:

svn log -r {2014-06-10}:{2014-06-15}

... Subversion fails.

If I perform the request with HTTP access, Subversion reports:
svn: E175002: Unexpected HTTP status 500 'Internal Server Error' on

svn: E175002: Additional errors:
svn: E175002: REPORT request on '______/!svn/me' failed: 500 Internal
Server Error

If I perform the request with file:/// access, Subversion reports
svn: E160000: Failed to find time on revision ______

Since Subversion ostensibly supports empty revisions (otherwise
svndumpfilter shouldn't have the options to preserve them), it seems like a
definite bug that the date range log request fails.

It also seems like a bug that Subversion reports a 500 Internal Server
Error when used via HTTP. Since Subversion actually detected the error, it
should pass that error back to the client, so the client has more
information about the failure.

I looked for bugs that match this, and didn't find any. Should I file a
bug? Or am I doing / configuring something wrong, and there's a way to fix

I suppose one sort of work-around would be to go through each revision with
no date, and set the revprop date where it doesn't have one.... Does
someone have a script for that already?


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