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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: Svn rename doesn't copy custom properties
Date Fri, 01 May 2015 03:02:49 GMT
Dan Ellis wrote on Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 14:52:23 -0700:
> Here's a snippet of the running scenario that can NOT reproduce the issue
> in a new repo:

In the situation that reproduces the problem:

- What happens when renaming a file that has both pebls:* properties and other

- What happens when renaming a file that has some properties but no pebls:*

- Do you have any automated handling of pebls:* properties anywhere in svn or
  tortoisesvn?  (e.g., client-side hooks, auto-props, …)

- Is the target of a rename a path that never existed either in the repository
  or in that working copy, at any revision?

- Could you confirm via the TortoiseSVN GUI that the pebls:* really are unset
  after the rename?  [To rule out output buffering issues]

- Does 'svn' invoke svn.exe directly, or does it invoke a wrapper script?

Moreover, does the problem persist —

- if you pass --config-dir=foobar on the command-line (where 'foobar' is some
  empty directory)?

- if you flush the disk caches between the rename and the final proplist?  (Is
  the working copy on a network drive or on local disk?)

- if you use a different svn client?

- if you checkout on a different computer?

(to devs) Is there an sqlite pragma that logs every statement executed
on the database (by any process)?  I'd love to turn that on just to
confirm that we don't have a process deleting the props as soon as the
'svn' process finished doing the rename.

I realize I'm shooting in all directions, but hopefully this narrows it
down a bit.



> ---
> rem cleanup after our last test run
> rmdir /q /s c:\\project_files\\rename_repo
> rmdir /q /s c:\\project_files\\rename_wc
> cd c:\\project_files
> svnadmin create c:\\project_files\\rename_repo
> svn checkout file:///c:/project_files/rename_repo
> c:\\project_files\\rename_wc
> cd c:\\project_files\\rename_wc
> rem should have a clean repo and checkout
> svn ps tsvn:logtemplate "Issue number: " c:\\project_files\\rename_wc
> svn commit c:\\project_files\rename_wc -m "Adding log template"
> echo "The quick brown fox jumped over the brown fence." > AAAA.txt
> svn add AAAA.txt
> svn ps pebls:plcm "Test@1234" AAAA.txt
> svn ps pebls:sha1 "ba8cc41efc875a6dc8212ef76c579c1336597fe5" AAAA.txt
> svn ps svn:mergeinfo "/plcm/swdb:1" AAAA.txt
> svn ps svn:needs-lock "x" AAAA.txt
> svn commit AAAA.txt -m "Test commit"
> svn pl -v AAAA.txt
> svn rename AAAA.txt BBBB.txt
> svn pl -v BBBB.txt

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