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From "Charlet, Ricky" <>
Subject reintegrate merge failing because "can only be used if revisions <snip> were previously merged", but it's a lie (I think?)
Date Thu, 21 May 2015 00:51:26 GMT

	I have a trunk and a feature branch. Time has come (it was long, over a year) to reintegrate
back into trunk. I have subversion 1.8 on both server and client (though a year ago, we were
using 1.6 server and client).

	I have recently (like yesterday) merged trunk to branch successfully. It passes verification
and sanity testing. I like the branch.

	From within an up-to-date trunk working copy, if I attempt the merge branch back to trunk
I get some complaints:
[charletr@ariesbld trunk]$ svn merge ^/6WINDGate/branches/DUAL_SSL_Inspection . --dry-run
--accept postpone 
svn: E195016: Reintegrate can only be used if revisions 15725 through 26003 were previously
merged from to the reintegrate
source, but this is not the case:
    Missing ranges: /6WINDGate/trunk/ports/lsm/lsmclient/test/cukes/features/1_package_update:19595
    Missing ranges: /6WINDGate/trunk/ports/xtrap/scripts:21872
    Missing ranges: /6WINDGate/trunk/user/switch/sdk-xgs-robo-6.4.0/systems/linux/kernel/constellation-2_6:17549,18282
    Missing ranges: /6WINDGate/trunk/user/switch/sdk-xgs-robo-6.4.0/systems/linux/user/constellation-2_6:17549

[charletr@ariesbld trunk]$

	Soo... that's a bit hard to believe because I did just recently merge trunk to branch. Furthermore,
if I go into my branch working copy and attempt to merge an exact change (let me pick revision
19595 as an example because it's first in the listing above), nothing happens:
[charletr@ariesbld DUAL_SSL_Inspection]$ svn merge ^/6WINDGate/trunk . --accept postpone 
-r 19595:19595
[charletr@ariesbld DUAL_SSL_Inspection]$ svn merge ^/6WINDGate/trunk . --accept postpone 
-r 19594:19596
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r19595 through r19596 into '.':
 U   .
[charletr@ariesbld DUAL_SSL_Inspection]$ svn stat -q
[charletr@ariesbld DUAL_SSL_Inspection]$ svn ci
[charletr@ariesbld DUAL_SSL_Inspection]$

	FYI, here is the view of mergeinfo from my trunk and branch:
[charletr@ariesbld trunk]$ svn propget svn:mergeinfo ports/lsm/lsmclient/test/cukes/features/1_package_update
[charletr@ariesbld trunk]$

[charletr@ariesbld DUAL_SSL_Inspection]$ svn propget svn:mergeinfo ports/lsm/lsmclient/test/cukes/features/1_package_update
[charletr@ariesbld DUAL_SSL_Inspection]$

	Notice that 19595 is, infact, missing from branch's mergeinfo. 

	In summary, A recent merge from trunk to branch suceeded, trunk cannot reintegrate because
it claims that some change sets are not merged to branch, attempts to merge those exact change
sets into branch produce a no-op, mergeinfo on branch confirms those change sets are missing.

	I'm stuck... any ideas what to try next?

Ricky Charlet
Software Dev / Routing Dude: Aries team, Roseville CA
USA: 916.785.2090

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