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From Ignacio González (Eliop) <>
Subject svnadmin hotcopy never ends
Date Fri, 01 May 2015 12:21:31 GMT
svnadmin 1.8.13
Server: Centos 7 64-bit
Repo in local xfs disk
Backups in remote cifs share

This operation works without problems:
$ svnadmin hotcopy /path/to/repo /local/path/to/dest
With a small repo, it takes just a few seconds

But this one does not:
$ svnadmin hotcopy /path/to/repo /remote/path/to/dest

where /remote/path/to/dest is located on a remote cifs share.

Before detailing the problem, let me tell you that this problem did not
happen until I upgraded my server from Centos 5.5 & Subversion 1.6.16 &
local repository over ext3 to the configuration described above. (The
remote cifs share for backups is the same).

Now, the symptons are these: when I launch the hotcopy operation, I can see
that the repo is completely copied to the destination in a few seconds,
except for 3 files. After several minutes (even hours), ps ux shows that
svnadmin hotcopy is still active, but waiting for something that never
happens... No error or warning message is shown.

The three files are:

It seems to me that these are the last files to be recreated in hotcopy
operations, but I do not really know.

The fact that the operation does succed on a local destination hints to
some problem with permissions, different filesystems, or who knows.

Here are the relevant parts of /etc/fstab, if they are needed:

LABEL=repoxfs   /opt/csvn/data/repositories  xfs  defaults  1 2
//srvr/bkps   /home/csvn/mnt/hotcopies   cifs
0 0

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

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