Hi all,

we run our subversion repository with a rather standard layout, e.g.:


Trunk of a project gets branched to the branches folder, and tagged from there on.

We enforce that every commit's message includes a ticket number for reference.

Currently, I'm trying to solve a seemingly simple task, that is, answer the question:
"what's new in the release 1.0.1?".

Speaking of code differences I can just compare the two tags "1.0.0" and 1.0.1".
That's exactly the difference in source code that is about to be shipped, if a switch from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 takes place.

Now, I'd like to expand the question to "What tickets are involved in these changes?"
This one gives me a headache. The diff output has no direct connection to the revisions anymore, which is quite obvious since a single diff can show the changes of a lot of revisions.

Does anyone have a hint on how to tackle this issue?

Any help is appreciated!