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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: SVN Recovery from raw db files
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2015 17:19:10 GMT
On Aug 2, 2015, at 9:10 PM, Tim Tornid wrote:

> I had a catastrophic Subversion server loss, and I'm having some troubles recovering.
The server was using VisualSVN 3.2.3 which is Apache Subversion 1.8.13.
> I have a full exact duplicate of the repositories directory, but it's giving me 'invalid
name for 'fsfs' when I copy them back in. I realize the automation going on should have been
utilizing dumps or svnadmin hotcopy.
> I have tried copying the /rev and /revops folders into a new repository but I'm getting
an error: "Can't get the author of r1: Serialized hash malformed". I've tried fsfsverify,
svnadmin recover, and even the Oracle Berkeley db_recover tool.
> After I added the rev/ and revops/ files to a new repository, and modified the db/current
file to the latest revision, I –can- actually see the files. I just can't see the author
nor date of the revision in the web. When I try to checkout I get "Found malformed header
'P ' in revision file. When I run “svnadmin verify” I get: ' in revision file Found malformed
header 'P.
> Does anyone have any idea of how I can recover these repositories? I can package them
and send them out if you believe you can help.

Perhaps the developers more familiar with Subversion's internals will have another viewpoint,
but I would refrain from attempting to shoehorn files from the internals of one repository
into another repository. In my years on this list I've never heard of anybody trying that.
It's not meant to be done. There are too many variations in the way the internals of the repository
could be arranged and formatted. 

I'd start from the error you mentioned: "invalid name for 'fsfs'". I can't find such an error
message in Subversion. I found an error "Invalid name for FS type '%s'"; is that what you
saw? When exactly did you see the error: what commands had you run?

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