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From Tim Tornid <>
Subject SVN Recovery from raw db files
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2015 02:10:33 GMT

I had a catastrophic Subversion server loss, and I'm having some troubles
recovering. The server was using VisualSVN 3.2.3 which is Apache Subversion

I have a full exact duplicate of the repositories directory, but it's
giving me 'invalid name for 'fsfs' when I copy them back in. I realize the
automation going on should have been utilizing dumps or svnadmin hotcopy.

I have tried copying the /rev and /revops folders into a new repository but
I'm getting an error: "Can't get the author of r1: Serialized hash
malformed". I've tried fsfsverify, svnadmin recover, and even the Oracle
Berkeley db_recover tool.

After I added the rev/ and revops/ files to a new repository, and modified
the db/current file to the latest revision, I –can- actually see the files.
I just can't see the author nor date of the revision in the web. When I try
to checkout I get "Found malformed header 'P ' in revision file. When I run
“svnadmin verify” I get: ' in revision file Found malformed header 'P.

Does anyone have any idea of how I can recover these repositories? I can
package them and send them out if you believe you can help.

Thank you!

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