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From Terry Dooher <>
Subject RE: SVN/Apache - Log full transaction I/O across clients.
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2015 15:02:02 GMT

> > Is there a way I can ensure the log is only written after the full
> request has been serviced?  The data over time will be really useful in
> gauging usage over time.
> >

> I think this is because 1.8+serf uses "skelta style updates" instead
> of "bulk updates". With skelta mode the client uses a separate HTTP
> request for each resource that needs to be fetched (instead of pulling
> the entire update through a massive http request/response). See here:
> As explained there, you can configure the server to "prefer" bulk
> update mode, if you wish. That might give you back the ability to
> measure the checkouts as one huge HTTP response.

Thanks, Johan; that makes a lot of sense.  We make heavy use of caching and have large repos
(~20 of them totalling 2TB).  If I read those notes correctly, disabling skelta in favour
of bulk updates would make the caching much less efficient, right?

Perversely, the very thing I was hoping to gauge with the I/O logging was the real-world efficiency
gains of these caching options:
> >   SVNCacheTextDeltas On
> >   SVNCacheFullTexts On
> >   SVNCacheRevProps On
> >   SVNInMemoryCacheSize 262144

On balance, I'll probably just stick with skelta and trust that it improves things. I could
manually meter some operations, but it's hard to accurately simulate cache use outside a live



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