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From Chris Capon <>
Subject Unexpected HTTP status 400 'Bad request'.
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 22:56:17 GMT
We are running a Subversion server using Apache2 2.4.17-3, modDAV, and 
Subversion 1.9.2-3+b1 (the latest Testing release) under Debian 
GNU/Linux.  We use HTTPS for security along with client certificates.  
This server has been running for many years with the same configuration.

A week or so ago, when trying to commit to ONE of the repositories on 
this server, from a long-time client Windows machine running TortoiseSVN 
1.9.2, Build 26806, the commit failed with the error:

     Unexpected HTTP status 400 'Bad request' on .... {one of the files}

Since then, we have not been able to commit anything to that 
repository.  On a commit with about 6 files, it seems to fail on 
different files periodically.  It isn't always the same file name in the 
error message.

The thing is, we can still do commits to other repositories on the same 
server and folder tree without this error happening and even from the 
same Windows machine.  So I don't think the communications themselves 
are the problem.  There is no hardware firewall between the client and 
the server.

To diagnose the problem, I tried to check out the repository on the 
subversion server itself to a local folder (hoping to eliminate the 
network as the problem).  When I execute:

     svn checkout https://server/svn/repository/dev/trunk --username 
myself dev

the checkout begins to download files then will randomly stop after 
about 10 files with this error:

     svn: E175013: Access to 'filename' forbidden.

Repeating the experiment will cause it to fail at different files 
seemingly randomly.  Trying to 'svn cleanup' and 'svn update' the 
partially checked out folder will give the same error after bringing 
down a few more files.

I have made sure permissions are set correctly for the Apache user in 
the folder with the subversion repository.

None of the log files under /var/log/apache2 seem to catch or record 
anything about the errors, nor is there anything in the subversion.log 
file in the same folder.  I am not sure how to capture the cause of the 
error on the server side.

Can anyone help me diagnose this problem?


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