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From 黄章梁 <>
Subject what's the cause of error 120108 and checksum mismatch
Date Thu, 31 Dec 2015 07:35:28 GMT
Developers of subversion:


         I encountered two problems.

         Question 1: When update the work-copy failed atfter that update some files success
, and tips:

                           ‍svn: E120108: Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'https://….

                           ‍svn: E120108: Error running context: The server unexpectedly
closed the connection. ‍

                   What’s the cause of this promble? Network error?


         Question 2: When update the work-copy, tips:

                           ‍Error: Checksum mismatch while updating 'D:\xx\xx.h':‍ 

                            ‍Error:    expected:  e14ae03a45fcfb4d754531bb5b38d1fe ‍

                            ‍Error:      actual:  d67898a0aae70499c71819a747b18a0a ‍

                            ‍Error: Try a 'Cleanup'. If that doesn't work you need to do
a fresh checkout.‍

                   “Cleanup” is not effective,  how to solve the problem except as do
a fresh checkout?

                   And what is the cause or operation leads to this problem?

         I hope that you can help me! Thank you!

         Looking forward to your reply!

         Have a nice day!


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