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From arun prasath <>
Subject Regarding install and running svn1.9.2 for svnserve and http access in browser
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2015 14:09:49 GMT
Hi Team,

I have situation which needs your suggestion and help in setting up the
svn1.9.2 with svnserve + http access in browser. My below talks about my
svn setup.
*SVN working method:*
After installation, the svn://servername/reponame is working. But
http://servername/reponame is not working and give the HTTP 404 error.

*Problem Description:*
Am i missing something. I know Svn Apache modules are required for http
access but i am running svnserve for client access and no Apache httpd is
installed. For http access i have installed Serf library.

*Expected : *
- What are required for running svn1.9.2 as svnserve daemon (with http
support in browser)
-Is just serf library is not enough to serve http through svnserve
-how to pass the httpd modules to during subversion install

Please suggest how to proceed in this situation. I have already installed
the svn without serf in production and now would like to configure svn with
http support in the custom path.

Thank you.

*ENV Description*
*Redhat Linux* - Redhat 7
*SVN install type* - Install from Source/TAR ball
*Install to Custom path* - Like /local/application/packages/svn1.9.2
*TAR ball path* - /local/application/source/subversion-1.9.2
*SVN access method(as daemon)* -
 /local/application/packages/svn1.9.2/bin/svnserve -d -r <path-to-repo>
*Pre-requisite installed location* - to custom path like svn
*Pre-requisite installed* are - apr-1.5.2, apr-util-1.5.4,
serf-1.3.8,scons-2.4.1,Python-2.7.11,openssl-1.0.2e [ all source/tar
install from source to custom path]
*Path set* - /local/application/pacakges/source/scons/script to PATH
variable. I have set the scons custom install path but svn configure script
is not taking the so set the serf source path to script
folder in PATH variable and it takes the serf.
*svn1.9.2 install options*
./configure --prefix=/local/application/packages/svn-1.9.2
--with-apr-util=/local/application/packages/apr-config-1 --disable-static
make install


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