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From Peter Fodrek <>
Subject Re: Commit not working with multiple .svn directories in single working copy
Date Mon, 28 Dec 2015 13:46:00 GMT
Dear Mr. Hett,

> Dňa 28. 12. 2015 o 13:29, Stefan Hett <> napísal:
>> Dear SVN experts,
>> I need to have multiple .svn directories inside woking copy.
>> I need to have svn working copy for /home directory  for students
>> and at least each user needs to have own repository on same machine
>> It blocks me to commit changes form working copy at home by different repository
>> Is it possible for svn to force not to look for inner .svn directories for data,
or I need find out each
>> .svn rename it make commit and return inner .svn directories back,please? Use of
externals is not suitable for me
>> I look forward hearing from you
>> Yours faithfully
>> Peter Fodrelk
> I assume your requirement is rather about the intended folder/check-out structure on
your local machine rather than the requirement to have multiple .svn-directories in your working
> If I'm not mistaken here, then you might wanna rethink your folder structure.
> Wouldn't something like this work for you?
> /Project
>    /- myOwnWorkingCopy
>        /- here's your own checkout
>    /- student1WorkingCopy
>        /- here's the checkout for the 1st student
>    /- student2WorkingCopy
>        /- another checkout for the 2nd student
>    /- ....
> In other words: you have separate checkouts and separate working copies for yourself
and all your students.

my structure is

  /* working copy of svn://localhost/homedirs */
       /* working copy of svn://localhost/student1*/
		 /* working copy of svn://localhost/student2*/

commits in student1 and term project works but commit in /home does not. address is ok but
repository id does not match.

Maybe change of id of repository  student1 may help, but  I have been never done ID change
of any repository but I read that it is possible
and do not know how to force change of repository ID.

Thank you  for your answer


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