My work environment checkout a svn working copy through a mapped drive. The mapped drive points to a samba point on a guest vm (linux ubuntu 10.04). Whenever I do a checkout on this share, my files get replaced with 0s, and files larger than 4kb are truncated to 4kb. Using svn to checkout on a local drive (c:) yields no issue, and a svn checkout on the linux machine at the same place (through fs, not samba) also works.

I have read warnings about using svn on network shares, but that seemed to be targeted at users sharing working copies across users, leading to concurrent use of the .svn directory and inevitable corruption. The issue is not related to that. I never used svn on both machines concurrently, and the issue persists with clean checkouts.

It should be noted that the issue started appearing when I moved the dev env (the linux guest vm) from a machine to another (both Windows 7 professional 64 bits, but one isolated from our domain, the other not). I noticed McAfee On-Access is installed on the new machine (version 8.0) and consumes a lot of IO on checkout. I am sadly unable to disable it to rule it out of the equation.

I downgraded from svn 1.9.2 to 1.8.11 and couldn't reproduce the issue, so I'm thinking it's a regression.

Anyone experienced something similar?

Nicolas Calderon Asselin