Hi Andreas,

I have used svnsync and it took a while for rev 120 but it went successfully. There is no space constraint but it was taking the longer time when compared to other repositories. So for now, i have migrated most repositories and will see how i am going to migrate the rest in coming months. rsync is not useful for me since I am moving from one to another server without altering the existing setup.
For -M options - is this is the cache for processing for dump files. do I need to increase the value in MB like -M 1024 to speed up.

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On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 4:31 PM, Andreas Stieger <Andreas.Stieger@gmx.de> wrote:
Yes the dump can be significantly larger than the repository size, due to delta encoding used in the on-disk representation. If you examine revision 120 I am sure you will fine a particularly complex change that would cause this, and your statement about 120 being larger than normal is in line with that.
This is not a problem, it is simply expected behaviour. If the size of the dumpstream is a problem for you, you can use "--deltas" to reduce size of the dump stream.
If things are slow for you, specify a memory cache size (e.g. 1-2 GB if you have it) to speed up operations.
  -M [--memory-cache-size] ARG : size of the extra in-memory cache in MB used to
                             minimize redundant operations. Default: 16.
                             [used for FSFS repositories only]
You can use svnsync for a more transparent migration. I am not sure how rsync should be relevant or useful here when doing dumps anyway.
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Betreff: SVN 1.6.17 dump is growing larger than repository size (approx. more than 10 times)
Hello Team,
I am creating Subversion 1.6.17 dump for a repository hosted in Linux server. SVNSERVE is serving the repository. We are migrating to SVN 1.9.2.
While creating the dump for repository of size 1.8 GB (revisions 3000+), the dump command completes revision 119 and hangs and keep updating the dumpfile which grows to 7-8 GBs. dump command is not moving to next revision but kept updating the dump file. So, i just closed the putty to stop creating the dump.
However, I ran the svnadmin verify which completes revision 119 and take some time to verify revision 120 and complete the verification successfully for all the repository revisions.
Since, there is no error output I have no logs to attach. Please suggest the work around for this situation. How can create the dump and migrate to target server. I am planning to use rsync from the server. I will post how it goes.
I am expecting the workaround to this situation and let me know if this is a known issue in SVN 1.6.17. This is my active repository and created the dump without stopping the svnserve program in the production server.