Is it feasible to dump and load the repository in question?

You could re-load it, and see if the repository still has problems.

On the other hand, if the load fails at a specific revision, that might give you more of a clue about what is going wrong.


On Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 10:13 PM, Chris Capon <> wrote:
On 2015-12-07 20:48, David Chapman wrote:

Have you verified that the repository on the server is not corrupt? Perhaps the disk has a bad sector on the drive, and only that repository is affected.  Or maybe the hard drive itself is failing, and the other repositories have simply been "lucky" so far.

# svnadmin verify /path/to/repository/root

I ran the svnadmin command and the admin tool verified all the revisions and reported no errors.  The same problem still persists. I can only get part way through a checkout before it fails.

By the way, if I change the local svn checkout on the server to a file reference rather than going through apache2 and https then the checkout completes with no problems.  So,

    svn checkout https://localhost/svn/repository/dev/trunk --username myself  dev

fails part way through after 5 to 10 files, where

    svn checkout file:///root/subversion/root/repository/dev/trunk --username myself dev

checks out the entire repository without errors.