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From <>
Subject What's the process when converting a directory to use svn:externals?
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 14:46:32 GMT
Server 1.9.3 (Windows) and client 1.8.15(Linux-Centos6.5)
We are in the mist of refactoring our directory structure from the monolithic (Clearcase imported)
directory structure to moving subdirectories to new repositories and using svn:externals with
pegged versions back into the primary product repository.  No big deal but my user base is
complaining about two big problems: tree conflicts and merging issue: "svn: E195020: Cannot
merge into mixed-revision working copy [8:9775]; try updating first" but running "svn update"
will not solved the problem.
I want this conversation to just discussion the process of converting a directory to use svn:externals. 
I'll start another topic on the mixed revision issue.
The problem I have is these subdirectories have build artifacts in them so when a "svn delete"
is performed, the subdirectory remains. So whether a single update where the "svn delete"
and the new svn:externals are defined or it is broken up into two updates, I get tree conflicts. 
I assuming I'm answering my own question here but I believe I need the two updates and I send
out instructions to my user base to update to the 1st revision, manually the local subdirectories
and then update to the 2nd revision.
Anyone see a way to simplify this?
---- Brent
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