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From <>
Subject Round 2: Merge error with mixed-revisions but subsequent "svn update" doesn't fix it
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 16:25:16 GMT
Env: Server 1.9.3 (Windows) and client 1.8.15(Linux-Centos6.5) being run by all users.
We are in the mist of refactoring the directory structure. i.e. What's the process when converting
a directory to use svn:externals?:
When the merge issue: 'svn: E195020: Cannot merge into mixed-revision working copy [8:9775];
try updating first" raised its ugly head again. Running a"svn update' don't solve the merge
error. The svnversion command is reporting 8:9775 where 9775 is the revision of this WC's
primary repo/URL while 8 is the pegged version of the latest directory that was converted
from a fully checked in directory to a svn:externals.  I'm having no luck reproducing the
problem so I can run some of the suggested workarounds:  "svn update --ignore-externals"
or execute "svn update -r XXX" with an explicit revision.
I know as the directory refactoring stabilizes, I hoping these issues will disappear but for
now I have 100+ users that don't need this headache.  My only solution is to delete and recreate
the WC which is a hour+ checkout.
 ---- Brent
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