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From "Watson, Paul" <>
Subject Merging fixes from a branch?
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2016 15:44:43 GMT
We are using Subversion 1.7. I am trying to document a hotfix methodology. The project has
the traditional "TTB" directories.


1.1 is deployed and running in production when a problem occurs. We cannot tag the current
trunk and deploy since developers have been making changes and adding features since 1.1 was

It seems that making a branch from app/tags/1.1 to app/branches/1.1_hotfix is the right thing
to do. Then, 1.1_hotfix can be checked out, changed, tested, checked back in, and deployed
to production. Ok so far?

How can the 1.1_hotfix changes be merged back into the trunk? Using 'svn up' does not appear
to recognize trunk changes. I assume this is because 1.1_hotfix came from tags/1.1 and not
trunk. Is that correct?

I am expecting the same problems from 'svn merge' and 'svn merge --reintegrate'. I do -not-
want to change tags/1.1 which should remain golden. From the red book:

" The second form is called a “reintegrate merge” and is used to bring changes from a
feature branch (SOURCE) back into the feature
branch's immediate ancestor branch (TARGET_WCPATH)."

I am seeking to get the changes back into mainline trunk development. Is this possible? Should
I not want to do this?

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