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From Philippe Combes <>
Subject svn merge --record-only and svn log -g
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2016 16:18:12 GMT
Dear Subversion users,

The root cause of my question is the need to automatically process the
commit logs to generate a proper ChangeLog. In order to really list all
modifications done, I have got to use svn log --use-merge-history.
Since this command is based on the property svn:mergeinfo, it lists all
merged revisions, even those which were added by svn merge
--record-only. In other words, it lists some modifications which were
not actually done.
Looking for a solution to this issue, I discovered the existence of the
tool If I understand well how it used to work, two lists of
changesets were maintained in subversion properties, so that it kept
track of the changesets blocked. I have noticed that this tool has been
removed from subversion 1.8, yet svn merge appears not to be a
one-to-one replacement for it, since it looses track of the "recorded
only" changesets.
Am I missing something ? Is there any way to segregate the recorded only
changesets from the other with the svn commands ?

I know some of you may answer that using --record-only is bad practice,
but I am working on a project where it is used intensively, and it would
be very hard to rollback on these habits. By the way, my guess is that
as long as the option is provided, the other commands should be
consistent with its behaviour.
Has anyone already met this kind of issue ?

Thanks in advance for any piece of help or advice,

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