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From Tim Tim <>
Subject Re: Intermittent 'apr_exit_why_e was 2' Precommit Block
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2016 13:19:58 GMT
> First of all Apache 2.2.24 as well as SVN 1.7.14/1.6.2 are rather
> ancient and SVN 1.6/1.7 is also no longer actively supported.

No surprise there. I know they're old, but that's what got installed years
I'm probably the first to change anything in close to half a decade (if our
documentation is even reliable). I've already verified we have some
repositories that still use Berkely-DB backend, but those ones are
dust thankfully.

> If at all possible, I'd highly recommend you upgrade at least Apache to
> the latest 2.2 version (at the time of writing this is 2.2.31). The same
> goes for SVN. At least make sure to have SVN 1.7.20 or 1.7.21 on the
> Slight correction here: I mean SVN 1.7.21 or 1.7.22.
> server and no mixture of two different versions. Depending on how builds
> were made, you have a hard time determining which SVN version is used
> (refering here to the fact that Windows prefers using already loaded
> DLLs over loading them separately, if manifest information of the
> calling process are missing or not specific enough).
> If the issue persists after the upgrade you at least have a stable basis
> to start troubleshooting from.

I look into updating the binaries first, since that should be much simpler.
I'll try and see if we can update Apache, but due to my company's red
tape, I know that'll be a couple of months away.

Thanks for the suggestions Stefen.

-Tim Tim

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