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From William Muriithi <>
Subject svnadmin dump issue - E200015
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2016 18:41:06 GMT

I have a repository thats around 113 GB in size.  Its on a VM and the
performance hasn't been that ideal.  So we decided to source a new
hardware and set it up on its own dedicated system.

The current subversion system is subversion-1.8, and plan to move it
to subversion-1.9.  I have en

source server:

I have attemped svnadmin  dump, svnadmin hotcopy and  svnrdump.  I am
getting the error before from all these utilities

svnadmin: E200015: Caught signal


* Dumped revision 2968.
svnrdump: E200015: Caught signal

My two questions are:

- Is it safe to use svnadmin dump on the source repository?  As in
does it do it change in the source repo?

- What causes E200015?  I don't think its permission as I have even
attempted to run svnadmin dump with root permissions? How can I
overcome the issue?

I have been blocked at this point since Wednesday.  I have googled
extensively and don't seem to find anything that can help.  Would be
glad if someone can point me to the right directions



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