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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: Re: svn merge --reintegrate like diff
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2016 08:46:29 GMT
Johan Corveleyn wrote on Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 13:04:04 +0200:
> Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand why 'svn diff
> --old=TRUNK --new=BRANCH' would show you things that you previously
> merged from TRUNK to BRANCH. It should show exactly the content-wise
> difference between TRUNK and BRANCH, so if some content was merged
> from TRUNK to BRANCH, both should be identical on that point, and it
> shouldn't show up in 'diff'.

That command would also show changes made on trunk that have not yet been
merged to the branch.  (E.g., if you ran it in on subversion's trunk and
1.9.x branch, it would show -SVN_VER_MINOR 10\n +SVN_VER_MINOR 9\n.)

The OP asked for the changes merge would do, which is approximately
   --old=TRUNK@REV --new=BRANCH
where REV is the youngest revision of trunk merged to the branch.
("Approximately" because this is inaccurate when cherry-picks or subtree
merges hapepned.)



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