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From Anton Shepelev <>
Subject Re: Implementing the Lock->Edit->Unlock cycle
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 12:47:10 GMT
Andreas Krey:

>If  you  plan  doing  massive work in a module, you
>need to talk to the other  people  working  in  the
>same module anyway, as they would be annoyed if you
>locked the file, and they can't do planned work.


>Ideally the other people do their commits in  small
>increments  as  well,  and  you could go and try to
>merge their work to see if that works or starts  to
>fall  apart. (Even more ideally you'd get notifica-
>tions if other people commit changes that happen in
>parallel to yours, and will need to be merged.)

Those  could be implemented via hooks, but how shall
one determine whether a person is currently  working
on  some  file or not, lest he be swarmed by irrele-
vant notifications?

>>As I understand, it requires customization of  the
>>svn client so that whenever asked to unlock a file
>>it shall update it also.  Is it possible?
>No. SVN clients may not  even  be  online  at  that
>time.   Also  I would seriously *not* want files to
>change in my workspace e.g under a test run.

But I meant that for locks issued  locally  via  the
working copy.

>Actually,  we  use  svn for such purposes (non-mer-
>gable files), and git for regular sources.

So do you always update and then lock while commenc-
ing  work  on a non-mergeable file, or do you invoke
this sequence via a single  mouse-click  or  a  key-

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