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From Veit Guna <>
Subject svn merge --reintegrate like diff
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2016 10:19:16 GMT

Currently at work we're using git for SCM. Although coming from SVN and
having my doubts in the first place, I like it very much now.
Especially the Github style flow with PRs and reviewing makes sense.

Now in another project we're still using SVN. Here I would love to have
the same PR/review flow like in Github.
For this I would like to try the following approach (simplified):

- Use feature branches in SVN
- For every commit there, a post commit hook creates a diff from
branchpoint to branch HEAD
- This diff is posted as draft to ReviewBoard
- So one can see the changes of the whole branch within ReviewBoard
- When the branch is ready to merge, the draft review request is made
public and review starts
- When all comments have been applied to the branch, the branch is
merged and the review is closed.

Now, I'm already there. Diffs are created on-the-fly, reviews can be
done etc.
The only point that annoys me is the fact, when merging latest changes
from trunk to the feature branch
my svn diff shows these changes as well in the branch. Of course, this
isn't really helpful since these changes
got already been reviewed when they were merged to trunk in the first place.

So what I wanted to have is, that my diff should only contain the
changes made within the branch, ignoring
the changes that come from merging from trunk to the branch.

As subversion 1.8 added support for transparently handling such
scenarios without using --reintegrate any
longer, I hope that this logic might have been applied to diff as well.

So basically what I need is a diff that shows me the same changes that
would be made to trunk if the branch
would be merged to it (ignoring trunk changes merged to branch).

Is this somehow possible?


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